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Central Bank Issued Digital Currencies: A Hope For African Economies

It is an historical fact that payment methods have evolved throughout history to fitt changing times and to ensure convenience for both the merchant and the consumer. For example, while primitive societies in the olden days, as well as some pre-modern ones in the recent past, battered goods and...Read more

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Policy Brief: Simple Policy Gaps and Policy Solutions to Ghana’s National Health Insurance Scheme

In the period 1970 – 1983, Ghana experienced almost negative growth in every important economic index: Real GDP (-0.8), Gross Domestic Investment (-5.9), Export (-4.4), Import (-7.2), Total Agriculture (0.5), Terms of Trade (1.3). In fact, the available data only buttressed the fact that...Read more

Rural Poverty Reduction, How Solar Energy Can Change the Tide - Policy Brief

Purpose: To inform decision and shape the direction of policy into considering the use of renewal energy. Policy actors: Institutions and Authorities such as Energy Commission, Volta River Authority, Electricity Company of Ghana, and Parliament are the policy actors to be influenced. The policy...Read more