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Reminiscence: Linda Whetstone, A Great Fountain of Liberty – ILAPI

It is sad to note that the world has lost a great fountain of liberty. The news about the passing on of Linda Whetstone, daughter of Free Market think tank pioneer Sir Antony Fisher, was sad and unexpected on 15th December, 2021 at the age of 79. Linda Whetstone would always be remembered for her...Read more

2021-12-30 02:59:37

E-Levy Bill; Cardano Blockchain can Save Mobile Money Transaction Cost in Ghana | Nat. Dwamena

Africa's private sector is characterized by informal activities. The private informal sector is one of the huge sectors. This can be associated with the regulatory challenges and their inabilities to afford to hire professionals to properly document business activities of the informal sector. In...Read more

2021-12-21 01:41:38

Ghana’s E-Levy: No such thing as Government Money; there is only Taxpayers' Money | Nat. Dwamena

The former British Prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, in her 1983 address at the Conservative Party Conference stated that, ‘Let us never forget this fundamental truth. The state has no source of money other than the money people earn themselves. If the state wishes to spend more, it can do...Read more

2021-12-18 01:11:51

State Sponsored Exploitation: Employment Scam into Ghana’s Security Services

It is the desire of many graduate youths to have jobs that could help them live in dignity after school. By so doing and looking at the means of getting well-paid jobs, many graduate youths are furthering their education from certificates to Diploma to Degree and from Masters through to PhDs as...Read more

2021-11-06 17:51:11

Ghana's Growing Youth Unemployment - an Easy Target for Terrorist Recruitment

Ghana’s Information Minister, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, on the 19th of July 2021, granted an exclusive interview on Ghana’s Asaase radio in Accra. Among the many topics discussed were Ghana’s security situation. The minister, during the show, confirmed that the Ghana government had...Read more

2021-09-18 03:52:31