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Socialist Interventions of Akuffo Addo’s Government are Causing Economic Hardships in Ghana

In this article, I may not be using statistics to challenge government’s own statistics used over the years to convince Ghanaians all is well. To those in government everything is right and those in opposition, everything is wrong. For the neutral technocrat of the Civil Society (CSO), we are...Read more

2021-08-05 22:54:58

EU's Serious Lack of Human Security | Vladan Lausevic

Five months ago, in my first article for ILAPI I wrote about the phenomenon called “the though border paradox”. In practice, when governments are doing more to prevent people from migrating by building fences and walls, more people will try to migrate and cross borders. This has been...Read more

2021-08-03 20:43:14

Parliament Failed Ghanaians to pass a Bill to Legalize Emoluments for First and Second Ladies | Peter Bismark

The 7th Parliament of the Republic of Ghana approved salaries, facilities and privileges for Presidential Spouses (PSs) without a recourse to the law. PSs are ceremonial positions which had no budget allocations until the Former President, J.A. Kufour formalized their allowances on humanitarian...Read more

2021-07-15 22:13:14

Ghana Needs More Healthy Citizens not More Hospitals

I have been wondering why the building of health infrastructures is high on government’s agenda. The delight to commission such infrastructures surprises me each time such fun fairs are organized. In as much as I acknowledge the importance of more spending on our health issues, I have serious...Read more

2021-05-18 14:06:29

Black Market Employment is Reducing the Frustrations of the Ghanaian Youth

The youth of today are the backbone of the future. If this statement is not a fallacy of hasty generalization, then you will side with me that, the future of a country rests in the hands of the current youth. These dynamic and innovative youths are much interested in putting their efforts in...Read more

2021-05-03 18:51:58