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What Secret Ballot Means to Ghana’s Parliamentarians

The dissolution of the 7th parliament of the Republic of Ghana is set to take place tonight at 12 O’clock AM. In such a procedural democracy, this is drawn from article 113 (1) of the constitution which states that, “subject to clause (2) of this article, parliament shall continue for...Read more

2021-01-06 18:59:40

More Freedom to do Business is important than the Free SHS Debate | Bright P. Donkor

The debate around who brought or introduced the Free Senior High School (SHS) policy and what not by these governments (National Democratic Congress and New Patriotic Party) who are only interested in their selfish gains is both nauseating and lurid. Look, I didn't want to express my views on it....Read more

2020-12-02 02:24:38

Africans need more freedom Less Regulations to Create Wealth | Philip Donkor

The words inscribed below resonate so loudly, only to those with a welcoming and industrious mind, an embracive heart and a discerning soul to listen, understand and perpetuate. These are the preconditions that such a seed as African liberalism and pride, rests on forever. Ideologically, Africa...Read more

2020-11-24 07:37:34

Beyond Globalization Lies Inter-Regional Integration for Africa’s Development

Globalization is the integration, interconnectedness and interaction among people, governments and organizations but also an economic, political and policy tool for influence, diplomacy and power. Packaged with a neoliberal structure, it moves along with supranational and international institutions...Read more

2020-11-15 01:23:46

IMF and HIPC: Ghana is not there

The Highly Indebted Poor Country (HIPC) Initiative in a poverty reduction program was launched by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank in 1996. The HIPC Initiative aims to help poor countries with unsustainable debt burden to manage and reduce their debts.  Though...Read more

2020-11-05 17:07:15