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The Government Is Not Ready to Stop Spending and can you see that?

The most well-known convention is for government to stop reckless spending and should be prudent. The other is to borrow "wisely" and spend on what ... (read more)


Understanding Economics: The Role of Entrepreneurs for Economic Prosperity

Globally, entrepreneurs have developed the dexterity in bringing together all the factors of production to produce goods and services. They convert ... (read more)


Smart Contracts: A Way for the Future or not Contracts at All?

In most common law countries, for contracts to be effective, they must fulfil several perquisites. Among others are offer and acceptance, legality ... (read more)


SMEs in Ghana require tax-capital investment to Sustain Business Growth | Isaac Yalley

Small and Middle-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) constitute an essential part of the economic ecosystem in all parts of the world. Morden day SMEs are ... (read more)


Cryptocurrency: Clarifying the Facts, Demystifying the Myths

Misconceptions about cryptocurrency are rife, and I used to be a part of the group that held on tightly to most of these misconceptions. Today, the ... (read more)


The NPP Government Caused the Economic Crises: Promises made Can’t Safe the Country

The economy of Ghana has been in crises since 2014 and with the New Patriotic Party (NPP) coming into power, many Ghanaians had hopes for economic ... (read more)


A Simple Description of Freedom vrs oppressive states | Peter Bismark

When there is no state, people live better and earn more. The state is simply supposed to be an organizer and spreader of wealth, i.e. their task is ... (read more)


Masking up is Pro-Life and Patriotic |Ebenezer De-Gaulle

In what looked like the last update on COVID-19, the President of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, relaxed the restrictions on our borders and ... (read more)


Taxes are a Rent Paid to the State | Peter Bismark

Let us suppose that our nation is a condominium and that we pay taxes as if they were rent. The question we have to answer is “Who is the owner ... (read more)