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Political Studies

What Secret Ballot Means to Ghana’s Parliamentarians

The dissolution of the 7th parliament of the Republic of Ghana is set to take place tonight at 12 O’clock AM. In such a procedural democracy, this is drawn from article 113 (1) of the constitution which states that, “subject to clause (2) of this article, parliament shall continue for...Read more

2020 Elections: if Your Favorite Party Colours Were to Decide the Results | De Gualle

Conventional knowledge holds that voter choices are as a result of close ties forged by political parties and their followers, the position on the most controversial policies of the day, evaluation of the incumbent on issues like the economy, education, and security among others. In recent times,...Read more

Socialism Creates More Poverty over Prosperity

Socialism still remains popular despite its long track record of failure. Poverty and oppression are basic features of socialism. Many believe that in a socialist state, when the right decisions are taken by the right people there could be prosperity for all. But a socialist system often selects...Read more

We must change our political system before it is too late.

The events of the past couple of months with a world-wide economic lockdown and strict rules of social distancing have alerted many people that tyranny is in the making. Democracy by vote does not protect against suppression. Could a digital democracy where the representatives of the people are...Read more

After Independence, Nkrumah Gave Us Democracy Not a Republic | ILAPI

The name Nkrumah is sensitive and most “Nkrumahists” are quick to react to anything mentioned about Nkrumah. Reading this article with a defensive mind would not allow you to appreciate the cabal system we have as a nation. The cabal is reaping the country at everyone's expense. This is...Read more

What NDC and its Allies Must do Right Over the Voter Register | ILAPI

The recent pictorial messages across the entire country and regional cities are centred on Electoral commission’s mission and Vision statements to revive and administer successful elections with an authenticated registry and voting system. The news hit the media and agencies in Ghana and the...Read more

NPP Should do More than Just Glorifying Itself as Better than NDC | Nat Dwamena

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) having won the 2016 presidential election with a whopping 53 percent and massive majority seats in parliament thus winning 170 out of a possible 275 seats was really a landslide. The results of the election came as a shock to the National Democratic Congress (NDC), the...Read more

NDC parliamentary primaries provisional results

Results for the National Democratic Congress’ ongoing primaries are trickling in. The country's largest opposition party, National Democratic Congress (NDC), is voting to select its parliamentary candidates for the 2020 elections. Some 524 aspirants are contesting for 157 constituency slots....Read more

Women in Politics, a Great Asset for National Development - Pascalina S. Abadum

In ages past, the woman has been known to be that domestic Goddess. In fact she was that person whose name suggests (still existent though) inferiority, hypocrisy or condescension, she is expected to be smart but never smarter than a man as the writer of ‘’In the Chest of a Woman”...Read more

New Region Referenda has Exposed the True Goal of NPP and NDC - Dwamena Nathaniel

On 27th December, 2018 saw the Electoral Commission’s first test on organizing election in Ghana. This was referenda to aiding the creation of New Regions in Ghana. The anticipation for new regions had been in the manifesto of both NDC and NPP prior to election 2016, however only NPP had the...Read more

Ghana at 61 A Short Reflection

  God Bless Ghana. We are a stable country. We have done well than anyone else in West Africa The first challenge in the development of any country is political stability. However, the biggest challenge in the development of any country is economic. Ghana has managed to achieve the first...Read more

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