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Inter-regional Integration / Studies

Africa should Prioritize Urban Diplomacy to Deepen Africa - EU relationship

Cities are important and a measure of development. They can be the engine of economic growth, innovation and places of science and health. Promoting the role of cities to development should be a fulcrum for inter-regional policy discourse. Cities are the transit for international travels, embracing...Read more

The hardened border and open border paradoxes

In 2004, political scientist and former US Coast Guard officer   Stephen E. Flynn who at that time served as a senior research fellow at the Council for Foreign Relations think-tank testified for the US Senate about topics as security, immigration and terrorism. His testimony focused...Read more

Beyond Globalization Lies Inter-Regional Integration for Africa’s Development

Globalization is the integration, interconnectedness and interaction among people, governments and organizations but also an economic, political and policy tool for influence, diplomacy and power. Packaged with a neoliberal structure, it moves along with supranational and international institutions...Read more

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