Inter-Regional Integration

Inter-Regional Integration

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EU-Africa Inter-Regional Integration – Era of Russia Invasion in Ukraine: How Africa could Stabilize Global Gas Disruption | Peter Bismark

The Europeans and Africans are both experiencing structural and transformational setbacks right from the time of COVID19 in 2020 to late 2022 and ... (read more)


COVID-19 Threatened City Diplomacy Between Africa and EU | Peter Bismark

The world was taken aback with what countries and economies never expected to distort global health. In the quest to eradicate poverty, ensuring ... (read more)


EU's Serious Lack of Human Security | Vladan Lausevic

Five months ago, in my first article for ILAPI I wrote about the phenomenon called “the though border paradox”. In practice, when ... (read more)


Africa should Prioritize Urban Diplomacy to Deepen Africa - EU relationship

Cities are important and a measure of development. They can be the engine of economic growth, innovation and places of science and health. Promoting ... (read more)


The hardened border and open border paradoxes

In 2004, political scientist and former US Coast Guard officer   Stephen E. Flynn who at that time served as a senior research fellow at ... (read more)


Beyond Globalization Lies Inter-Regional Integration for Africa’s Development

Globalization is the integration, interconnectedness and interaction among people, governments and organizations but also an economic, political and ... (read more)