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ABOUT CENTRE FOR Digital Investment and Technology Policies

The emergence of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) and governments observatory approach to the adoption of new tech tools and kits to enhance intra-regional digital trade may need an operational framework that resonates with the people. How can African countries including Ghana, diversify their economies with the new technologies for economic growth? As countries become determined to digitalize their economies to avoid delays and bureaucracies, there has been huge investment inflows into digitalization and its infrastructures for job creation and economic development.

Though quite progressive, the trickling down effects are yet to be properly quantified towards standards of living. In the developing economies, Blockchain and other emerging technologies are left behind. The same is observed when digital investment is discussed. It is imperative to note that, economic trade, social interventions, business, governance and technology are inter-connected and inter-dependent. These tech tools are evolving and can be used to drive for economic prosperity. The success of AfCFTA and development for economic growth depend on the investment and infrastructures of the new technology for faster trade and business transactions.


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