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ABOUT CENTRE FOR Poverty and Welfare Programmes

The need to fight, manage and end poverty is a priority of every government and development partners. Improving the lives of the poor is an important vision and a way to reduce inequality. It also enhances the transition from poverty to middle-income earners. These important visions are often undertaken by government through investment into anti-poverty programs and policies. It comes with huge spending of subsidies, cash transfers and in-kind benefits. We should however not judge the success of such welfare programs by how much is allocated to pro-poor programs but how few people are able to exit the program and be able to find alternative livelihoods. Distribution and redistribution of public welfare charities to the poor is a cost to both government and taxpayers, and development partners. It is crucial to also understand that the governmentís anti-poverty programs have failed to provide inclusivity, self-sufficient, empowerment and opportunities.

ILAPI believes that, economic opportunities should drive many from extreme poverty into prosperity. With the right policy reforms by removing barriers to economic prosperity, welfare programs could reduce or end the burden on government and taxpayers.


Our Centre for Poverty and Welfare Programmes activities are widely overseen by Institute For Liberty And Policy Innovation.