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My Letter to the African Union | Haruna Yakubu

Dear Excellencies Cyril Ramaphosa, Chairperson of AU, and Moussa Faki Mahamat, Commissioner of AU, I extend my greetings and well wishes from my small lockdown abode to you, H.E Cyril Ramaphosa and H.E Moussa Faki Mahamat, Chairperson and Commissioner of the AU, respectively, and all the other...Read more

When Africa is Africa | Arnold Kwofie

Indeed, the African continent suffered colonialism and slavery in the 80s and 90s.This no one can justify or rule over even though condemnations are raised against slavery. A typical example is the British to the then Gold Coast where Forts and Castles were built along coastal regions to harbor and...Read more

A Lockdown in Ghana: A Dicey Decision to Take | Haruna Yakubu

The world is witnessing a pandemic, which is threatening the human race without discrimination. It knows not the rich, poor, scientists, religious leaders, young, old nor destitute. Even the Greatest Economies in world (G20), and the Permanent Five (P5+1) of the UN Security Council are in battle...Read more

Ghanaian Businesses are collapsing but no one is reporting| ILAPI

Economic contraction resulting in business closure and job lost are inevitable in the business landscape. In Ghana’s case, the challenges of the financial sector led to the collapse of 9 banks and 23 savings and loans.  Many small scale businesses had their capitals locked up and others...Read more

AFCTA is Key to Africa's Prosperity | Peter Dadzie

The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) is a decision of the Assembly of Heads of African States and Governments to boost Intra-Africa Trade by integrating Africa’s markets with the free movement of persons, capital, goods and services. To achieve the objectives of the AfCFTA, State...Read more

The realities and myths of press freedom in Ghana | Peter Dadzie

According to the 1992 constitution, the media is the fourth estate of the realm and they have been given freedom as enshrined in the constitution as press freedom to fully operate without censorship and oppression but in the ambit of the of the law. In addition to press freedom, the infamous right...Read more

Open Letter to the President of Ghana

Dear Mr President, I extend my warm regards. I believe you are faring well as you lead this great nation of ours. You may not know me Sir but it is my hope that this letter reaches you. It is highly possible we may never cross paths, but it is my firm belief I may be able to reach you through this...Read more

I am a Libertarian Because I Respect Individual Sovereignty | Peter Bismark

The view that each person has the right to live his life in any way he pleases so long as equal rights are respected for happier and prosperous society is one of the principles of Libertarianism. Right to life, liberty and property ownership existed naturally before the Government came into force....Read more

Gov’t supporting businesses is a political reward for party supporters - US Economist

An Associate Professor at the Regent University, Virginia, US, Prof Brian Baugus, has suggested the decision by government to support businesses is only an avenue to reward party supporters. The renowned economist indicated that there are consequences for government to support businesses as it may...Read more

Spell Politics if you Cannot Spell Hypocrisy and Focus on Political Party Vigilante Groups | Nat. Dwamena

My heart felt condolences for all who have died or injured through the activities of vigilantism in Ghana. Vigilante groups in Ghana have gained recognition, funding and support because their activities benefit political parties. In the Ghana’s 4th Republic, Political Party vigilante groups...Read more

Not Another Drop, Justice is Becoming a Discriminatory Delicacy - Soale Abdul-Nasah

There is always that last straw that breaks the camel’s back, and for Ghana’s "sick" criminal justice system, Ahmed Hussein's gruesome murder might be that straw. This incident is horrifying no doubt, but not surprising. When a pauper masquerading as a millionaire brandishes the image...Read more

Violence against the media is Violence Against Liberty | Peter Bismark

Silencing journalists means preventing the driving force of information and voices of the many to defend and promote liberty or those who might be tempted to defend democracy in future. It is only journalists to whom citizens would run to should the police and courts and political institutions fail...Read more

Liberty Has a New Champion on the Federal Bench

Don Willett first rose to fame as a libertarian-leaning Texas Supreme Court justice who penned constitutional defenses of economic freedom. Since joining the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit in late 2017, Willett has been making a name for himself in another area of the law: criminal...Read more

Recapitalization of banks and its impact on the economy of Ghana

On 11/09/2017, the Bank of Ghana notified banks and the general public with the Notice No. BG/GOV/SEC/2017/19 about its decision to review upwards the minimum paid-up capital requirement from 120 million cedis to 400 million cedis (that’s about 233.33 percent increment) as part of a holistic...Read more

Chieftancy and Land Acquisition in Ghana | Peter Ofori

"If Chieftaincy has failed Ghanaians in Land acquisition and Land use try politicians" --Ohene Kwame Ofori. Yesterday the senior minister and minister of finance of Ghana met Ghanaian residents in America to deliberate on the way forward on the economic and political movement of the country at...Read more

Importation is not a Demon to the Economy of Ghana but the Goods Imported | Haruna Yakubu

The world indeed has become a global village where no nation can survive in isolation without the interdependence of other nations close to its boundaries or far away its shores. According to the UN population statistics in 2011, world population was projected to reach 7.6 billion in 2018. However,...Read more

The Fulani menace and Farming in Northern Ghana; A limitation of the ECOWAS protocol on free movement

The original occupation of the people of northern Ghana is farming. However, little increment in food production has been witnessed in the region for the past decades. Amongst the challenges of climate change and poverty, which limits the production of farmers in this region, is the...Read more

The love for PhD in Ghana and the uneasiness of its acquisition - Haruna Yakubu

It is a non-negotiable fact that universities are centered on research and teaching, and therefore a well equipped faculty of knowledgeable PhD researchers is a component of the larger environment which makes university a world class one.It’s for the above stated that the Ministry of...Read more

Ghana Government Being Proactive with Access to Portable Water? - Opinion

Water is undoubtedly the most precious resource on earth. Water is life, but the value of water is more of a paradox as compared to precious metals like Gold. Human activities in contemporary times has endangered the safety of portable and healthy water for both domestic and industrial use. ...Read more

The State Must Set The Rules and Leave Us To Prosper - Peter Bismark

The need for the State to leave the citizenry to operate freely to amass wealth hasn’t been a priority of many economics and political pundits. The state must make way for its citizens to build the nation themselves and must equally stop interfering in what ought to be produced and what not...Read more

Interim Solution to Solve the Problem in our Legal Education is Wrong

The Legislative Instrument 2355 which has been passed into law by Parliament only gives an interim solution to the problem of getting resources to man professional law training and equal and fair chance to all applicants. More so, the controversy between students of law and Ghana Legal Council is...Read more

Religious Immorality on the Rise

To start my ranting, I will first treat you to these figures from the 2010 Population Census, specifically on Religion. According to the census, these were the percentages; No Religion 5.3, Catholic 13.1, Protestant 18.4, Pentecostal/Charismatic 28.3, Other Christian 11.4, Islam 17.6,...Read more

Petition to the Inspector General of Police

The Inspector-General of Police Ghana Police Service National Headquarters, Accra.   Dear Sir, PETITION TO INVESTIGATE AN ALLEGED FRAUD/FORGERY AT GHANA EDUCATION SERVICE HEADQUARTERS We wish to bring to the attention of your outfit concerning a fraudulent act that has taken place...Read more

Reduction on Electricity Tariffs should have a Focus

I am happy the president has spoken emotionally well at the independence parade. Prior to the celebration of Ghana @61, Government of Ghana (GOG) reduced electricity tariffs on electricity consumption via its mouth piece Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC). The announcement was a 17.5%...Read more

MY First Semester Experience at My University In Hungary

If you are reading this in the morning I say Jó reggelt (Good morning), if it's in the afternoon, I extend the greetings Jónapot and if it's in the evening, I respectively greet Jó estét. As a naive person from rural Ghana, I always make sure I clear my ignorance in...Read more