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When Africa is Africa | Arnold Kwofie

Indeed, the African continent suffered colonialism and slavery in the 80s and 90s.This no one can justify or rule over even though condemnations are raised against slavery. A typical example is the British to the then Gold Coast where Forts and Castles were built along coastal regions to harbor and transport slaves.

Now Almost all African countries have independence and freedom to drive their own affairs even though the continent still seeks foreign aid which cannot be left out in governance. However, this is a freedom to physical slavery not a mental slavery. The continent has over some years change to learning almost everything from the western world at the expense of their own.

Where lies the culture, norms, beliefs, values, language, food, and many left but worth living activities. I do not dispute the fact that Africa needs to journey with the productive change of world. Apparently the continent can do same through her own cultural values. My consent is that she has learnt everything both bad and good and neglected her own. Africa can boast of contour land scapes, evergreen forest, animals, minerals, vast water bodies, valleys and mountains but she is blind to them.

Africa needs to rise, bring back the culture and build her own but this can be achieved when Africa is Africa.

2020-06-07 11:15:56

Source: ILAPI