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About us

The Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation (ILAPI) is an award winning Think Tank. We won the 2017 maiden Africa Think Tank Shark Tank in South Africa and for the second time got nominated for the 2018 Africa Think Tank Shark Tank in Kenya. ILAPI is a Non - Profit, non-partisan free enterprise public policy and an educational research Organization, operating exclusively for education, business regulatory consultancy, decentralization, international relations, individual liberty, rule of law, poverty alleviation and skill development research.


The mission of Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation is to provide innovative economic research and pensive multidisciplinary public policy advocacy through intellectually inspired leadership to help create freedom and prosperity for a free society.


To strive to reach out to the star of perfection by advocating, researching, educating and inspiring through creative and empathetic involvement in the society to transform it.


Peter Bismark Kwofie
Executive Director
Peter is the founder and Executive Director of the Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation (ILAPI); a pro-free enterprise research think tank in Ghana. He is a Business Regulatory Consultant and was consulted by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) of the German Government to lead a study on Red Tapes as an Impediment for Doing Business in Ghana. He is also a public policy analyst and private sector innovation advocate. Peter has also helped in developing NGO/Think tanks in Ghana, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Gambia and Guinea to promote economic freedom. He Studied diploma in Basic Education at the Presbyterian college of Education, Akropong Akwapem and a graduate from the University of Education Winneba, with a Bachelor's of Education and Mphil in Conflict, Human Rights and Peace studies. He also holds MBA in Leadership and Management of the Accra Business School. In 2017, Peter was selected among 25 young scholars for the Young Scholars Colloquium in Kenya. He holds a certificate in think tank and fundraising of the Atlas Network in the USA. He also holds a certificate in Marketing and Communication of research products from Tanzania and an expert in developing advocacy tool kits for organizations. He is also a skill development advocate for job creation and a functional blockchain enthusiast. Peter, in 2012 started the Bismann College to assist Senior High School Students who couldn't pass their Mathematics and Science subjects and through this, employed over 30 individuals. With his experience in Youth Employment policies and entrepreneurship development, Peter has been invited by uncountable number of organizations and associations to Lecture on Government Employment Programs and mentorship. Peter Bismark won the maiden 2017 Africa Think Tank Shark Tank Award in South Africa.

Albert Kobina Mensah
2nd Vice - President/Senior Research Fellow
Albert is a soil remediation scientist by profession and his research interests include soil rehabilitation of degraded gold mined soils, environmental impacts of mining, soil potentially toxic elements, soil arsenic pollution, soil redox chemistry of arsenic contamination, biochar and compost for mine soil and tailings remediation, phytoremediation, environmental risk assessment. He had published and reviewed many scholarly scientific papers in these areas with citations in other scientific works. He had also lectured in Ghana and Germany in areas such as mining and water resources in Africa, environmental impact assessment and soil sciences. Albert holds BSc. (Agricultural Sciences) from the University of Cape Coast in Ghana; MSc. (Water Resources) from the Kenyatta University in Kenya and currently a PhD fellow at Ruhr University Bochum, Germany. He is also the founding president of Centre for Better Society Advocacy and Research Africa (CEBSAR-AFRICA), an anti-corruption think tank that focuses on research and advocacy on paradigm shifts and best-alternative options for creating a better society in Africa. He writes on social issues, need for good governance, leadership, and anti-corruption in Ghana.

Isaac Kojo Annan Yalley
Tax Economist
Yalley currently works with Kaiser Global Health limited as the Chief Finance officer. He holds Diploma in Accounting, Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Political Science from University of Ghana, Bachelors degree in biblical studies from American Bible university, Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered accountants (ICAG), holds diploma in chartered treasury and risk management from the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAG), Associate member of certified chartered Economists (Monetary Economics option). Yalley is currently Pursuing Msc. Economics (Monetary Economics option) at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Investment and stock trading course at Ghana Stock Exchange and Masters Degree in Divinity at American Bible University.

Claudio Ndeleva Mutua, (Esq)
Legal Research / Advisor
Mutua is a legal pratctioner in kenya. Claudio is a Corporate Legal Assistant with Churchblaze Group Ltd. In 2010 to 2016, he was an undergraduate Research Assistant at Kisii University School of Law, Kenya. Claudio seeks to further legal advocacy and research in Kenya and Africa at large; research on the intersection between the law and freedom in Africa and contribute to liberal policy development in Africa.

Joan Avor
Institute Relations
Joan holds BA in Political Science from the University of Ghana. Before joining ILAPI, she worked as an administrator at JO-ARK transport services and a former Administrative Assistant at Platinum Group of Companies. She is a young versatile woman who has gained variety of experience in the fields of research and monitoring. Joan joined ILAPI after discovering how freedom and constitutionally limited governments could create a prosperous society.


Haruna Yakubu ----- Msc. Animal Feed Eng.
Christian Atum ------ Msc (Economics)
Arnold Kwofie --------- BSc (Computer Science Eng)
Samuel Adjei ---------- Journalist
Ernest Danso Abiam ------ Journalist
Felix Yaw Adjei ------------- Journalist
Ebenezer Darko Darious ----------- Msc (MIS)
Efo Korku Mawutor ------------- Media Practitioner
Maxwell Nketsiah ------------- Chartered Accountant (ICAG)


Dr. Kofi Asare
Rev. Dr. Paul Anthony
Mr. Berima Rexford Darko Agyekum