Open Letter to the President of Ghana |

Dear Mr President, I extend my warm regards. I believe you are faring well as you lead this great nation of ours. You may not know me Sir but it is my hope that this letter reaches you. It is highly possible we may never cross paths, but it is my firm belief I may be able to reach you through this medium. Please don't take this letter as a usual rant, but please read it with an open heart.

My name is Abrantie and I come from that part of Ghana where the likes of you and your party, the New Patriotic Party has massive support. As I grew up to attain a legal age to vote, I remember my parents especially my father trying to subtly persuade me to vote for your party and automatically you prior to the 2008 election.  I wasn't a staunch follower of politics, but I indeed voted for you because I wanted my siblings to enjoy your free senior high school policy.   I must confess in addition to wanting my siblings enjoy free SHS, I was continuously oriented into thinking you and your party were the best thing that happened to Ghana.

 Since my first vote casting, I have been critically observing the political landscape of Ghana and I was one of many Ghanaians who hoped you will become president one day. Thank goodness, you're president today as I write this letter.

But i believe it won't be far-fetched if I say many like me who clamoured for your leadership are highly disappointed. Prior to you becoming president, you and your now vice president Dr Bawumia made numerous promises to fix the mess we find ourselves in. It's been 2 years and some months and I need no prophet to tell me things will remain like this as we head to the polls very soon.

As a presidential candidate, you were an advocate of saving the national purse. Indeed your first speech as president hammered that. We however woke up one day to be told you have appointed over a hundred ministers. The best excuse that was given to us was that the work load was huge and you needed capable hands to help you.  One would have thought with the impressive credentials of your appointees, things will have changed by now.  Sadly Sir, nothing has changed at all.

Day in and day out, it has become crystal clear that this government has lost its focus. Your government prefers to build a cathedral instead of fixing our health facilities, projects by the previous government are deliberately left to rot because you fear to give credit to whom credit is due, media freedom has been on the decline ever since you assumed power. Some of your appointees have been involved in corruption scandals and even before investigations are concluded, your office clears them of all charges. I am quite sure many will also agree with me when I say some of your appointees have grown wings forgetting that they were appointed to serve rather than to be served.

Dear Mr Akuffo Addo, what happened to your promise of making Accra the cleanest city? What happened to your promise of fixing the problem of flooding in our capital city? Where are the factories you promised us in every district? Is the current state of our teaching hospitals pleasing in your eyes? Should you or family member have a medical emergency, would you be confident that the right equipment would be available to save you or that individual's life?  With our current state of educational system Mr President, would you allow any of your children or grandchildren attend our public schools? If your grandchildren were in a public school and were enjoying the school feeding policy, would you have been glad to witness them eat the kind of food prepared to children across the country?  Sir, do think your NABCO policy is the right mode to tackle the unemployment menace in Ghana?  If Ghana were your private property, would you have handed the Atiwa forest the way you and your government are doing to the Chinese? Why do you keep dead silent on the deliberate interference in the administration of University of Education, Winneba 

Under your watch Sir, Gregory Afoko was denied bail even when a competent court had granted him bail. His freedom and rights have been denied him under your watch, you who is celebrated for your human rights credentials.  Where lies your promise of saving the public purse considering the amount of money spent at the AFCON.  Chinese nationals who have boldly disrespected our laws are left off the hook under your watch Mr President.

I am no prophet, but I know that you will surely hit the road very soon to campaign for re-election. I can moreover correctly predict that you will come with a new set of promises.  I also hope your promises will have been fulfilled by then but if not, please don't insult our intelligence by blaming John Mahama and his party for your failed promises. As 2020 nears, I humbly request you to go back to the drawing table, reassess your leadership before coming to us for a second term.  If Ghanaians could vote John Mahama out for serving one term for disappointing us, you should know that not even the hot prayers of Rev. Owusu Bempah will save you if we decide to vote you out in 2020. 

Mr President, please do remember you have a social contract with the people of Ghana.  I kindly ask that your policies and projects should bend on the path of fixing our problems in the long term, and not actions that will only amass praise from your party stalwart. Ghana is bleeding, corruption is on the rise, and the youth are getting frustrated and are engaging in all sorts of activities illegally to make ends meet.  You may be trying your best to fix things, but your best is honestly not enough! We are tired of the promises and long speeches Sir; we have had enough of the propaganda and unnecessary comparisons with the previous government. Indeed you and your party spokespersons need not to remind us. It is obvious we were not satisfied with the previous government that is why you got our mandate.  Mr President, Ghana is in a mess and you were voted for to fix it. Please do it!

I will humbly end here Sir, but before I end my letter, please try as much to put Ghana first in all your actions and policies. There may be many in this country and I won't hesitate to add my parents, who will vote for you and your party even if you did nothing at all within your four year mandate. Many are your party faithfuls who are bent on defending you even if you burnt this nation to the ground.  Remember to leave a legacy for posterity sake. Don't forget Sir that, good name is better than riches.

Thank you Sir for listening and I wish you all the best.

                                 Yours Sincerely,

                               Abrantie Opoku Katakyie.

Source: ILAPI