Center for Natural Resource Management

The environment contains the living and non-living and their interactions have to yield a positive economic outcome for a free and prosperous society. With physical and human capital, environmental resources should be seen as important economic assets, called natural capital. The center for Environmental Studies looks into issues such as national and international resource depletion, over population, waste disposal, ocean acidification, loss of biodiversity, climate change, global warming, etc. and address these issues to recommend the best alternatives to solving them. It is often possible that resource abundant economies are not investing and reinvesting the capital generated from natural resource exploitation into productive assets, and sometimes resource booms actually divert economic resources from more productive and innovative sectors to others of no importance. One principal factor affecting the development of an economy is the presence or absence of natural resources or land. Are countries with abundant natural resources blessed or cursed? Here, Empirical research papers are developed for public discourse and policy reforms.             

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