Stop the Thrust on the Monopolistic Towing Levy

Towing off broken and stationary vehicles is really a good approach to muffling off road accidents.

However, the policy may stifle individual choice and cost-effectiveness to subscribers. The monopoly or the oligopoly of the towing levy brings into question the logicality of the mandatory policy to enhance quick response to stimuli.

The road towing levy needs a competitive market for efficiency and would be of high-priority to engage insurance companies with towing company to provide services that may NOT lead to future bigotry.

Drivers and vehicle owners would have the choice to select the insurance company that provides the best objective and credible services to clients.

The mandatory towing levy policy has no technology to track vehicles at no go areas without internet. It stifles innovation, creativity and competition in the economy.

Payment of judgment debt should not form the basis to passing laws that would harm the law abiding citizens and the very vulnerable we claim to solve their problems. Laws must be made to solve problems and not to create one.

A listening government must incline it ears to the cry of the many. The towing must be mandatory but ought to lead to the choices of items the individual can select from.

A legal suit may follow if judgement debt led to the passage of the policy


Peter Bismark Kwofie

Executive Director

Institute for Liberty and Policy innovation (ILAPI-Ghana)

Source: ILAPI