Violence against the media is Violence Against Liberty | Peter Bismark

Silencing journalists means preventing the driving force of information and voices of the many to defend and promote liberty or those who might be tempted to defend democracy in future. It is only journalists to whom citizens would run to should the police and courts and political institutions fail them. Bringing fear and putting more red lines to militate freedom to access of information and in the absence of liberty to disseminate information via the killing of journalists, torture, disappearing, extra-judicial killing, abduction and intimidations is a mockery of free press and democracy. We are in a powerful information age and Journalists are needed much more than ever. Killing journalists equally means censorship.

The death of Ahmed Hussein - Suale, means,We have lost both life and information needed by everyone.

Opposing the narratives created by governments, or by the state, or the very powerful people who control these institutions and the cartels, whatever it may be, will surely put your life on the gun. No one want to be criticized yet won't work within the Laws.

The powerful people are cracking down journalists who equally read news from them. However, we still need to rebut, because there are forces that are working constantly to control what you know and the information that you have access and those you can't. They are everywhere.

These cartels are members in government, or media men and other influential citizens who decides the time of the day through organized crime and other human right abuse. We are at a time in Ghana when people are moving away from yellow journalism to more investigative one. This is because the democratic system is looking opaque and translucent triggering investigative journalism. The ripple effect is assassination, guerilla murdering and assaults. Yet encouraging political investigative reporting and practical investigative journalism is key to our development.

With these, investigative journalists will face threats and risks almost every day in their line of work just to put information out for us. We are not in the worse time to be a journalist in Ghana but could lead to that if we do not respect the rule of Law.

The Laws are clear to sue any journalist whom you think have trampled on your privacy and not to murder him or her in cold blood. Liberty for Journalism is key for a free society.    


Peter Bismark


Source: ILAPI