Ghana Government Being Proactive with Access to Portable Water? - Opinion

Water is undoubtedly the most precious resource on earth. Water is life, but the value of water is more of a paradox as compared to precious metals like Gold. Human activities in contemporary times has endangered the safety of portable and healthy water for both domestic and industrial use. 

In Ghana, poor water management, water pollution (due to galemsay activities), expensive supply of urban water, increasing leakage in urban water mains and increasing cost of accessing water (Amankwaa, 2018) have contributed to the scarcity of water which has been experienced by residents. As a country, we wait for new sites to develop before providing essential resource like water.   

The scarcity of water situation deepens especially in new site areas or new settlements development areas. Sometimes residents resort to purchasing from water tankers. The increasing drilling of mechanized bore hole though expensive but tells how desperate citizens need water or how water accessibility is a fundamental basic need. The already developed place increase cost of laying water mains coupled with compensations paid to individuals in the event when laying water mains destroy their property. The cost of laying water mains in already developed settlement rather prolong the delay of providing portable water.

In the wake of all these, citizens have not grown consciousness on how valuable water is and the need to protect our water resources. Indiscriminate activities that endangers the health status of our water bodies are still on the rise, common among this is the open deification and dumping of refuse into water bodies.

Ghana’s portable water accessibility maybe much better as compare to other countries within the sub-region. However, we must not wait to get to a desperate situation before we value and treat water resource well for good health for all.


The 2019 budget is one that has been proactive in the face of imminent water scarcity. I believe government must be applauded for outlining initiatives to increase water accessibility to residents in the country specially to meet the needs of increasing urbanization hence water for all agenda. The projects outlined include the phase 2 of Kpoly Water Supply Expansion Project, Aqua Africa Water Project, Yendi Water Project, Damango Water Project, Wenchi Water Project, Tamale Water Supply Expansion, Sunyani Water Project, Sekondi-Takoradi Water Project and Essiama Water Project.

On the other side, a close eye will be kept on the management of such project to ensuring that the allocated funds are used directly to undertake such project. I still hold the view that policies must not be judge on the intention but the results and impact it makes.



Nathaniel Dwamena

He is a Development Researcher at Institute of Liberty and Policy Innovation (ILAPI).



Source: ILAPI