What NDC and its Allies Must do Right Over the Voter Register | ILAPI

The recent pictorial messages across the entire country and regional cities are centred on Electoral commission’s mission and Vision statements to revive and administer successful elections with an authenticated registry and voting system. The news hit the media and agencies in Ghana and the diaspora, whiles the responses toward new changes were not on positive phenomenon to other political parties, NGO, CBO's and international organizations worldwide.

The Electoral commission of Ghana has made a firm decision and mandate to restructure the registrar to avoid any misconceptive repertoire in the future as much as she the EC chair Offices of Administration is based on political appointment.

I think they should ignore the process of pleading with EC and rather monitor substantial prominences of the Register...because seems the EC has the reach an autonomous decision and verdict without any reverses. Critical elements of voter registration relate to voters’ awareness, the procurement and dissemination of voter registration equipment and materials, administrative procedures, the professionalism of staff, trust and transparency. Preparations need to start early on. Procedures for voter registration must be clear and concise, and voter registration staff must be professional and well trained. They must be impartial and transparent in their work. These should be the focus for all including citizens of Ghana.

They have ordered everything and the best in class for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and other parties in grievances should stop and focus on strategic development plan and form a strong room COMMITTEE to monitor the registration process to see how best it may fit for General Election if they feel there are some kind of malfeasance and fraudulent activities to favour incumbent government.

EC Chairman isn’t ready for negotiations on the table as I can fathom in my professional career looking at the expectations she intended to accomplished in avoidance of future will blames. The Executive board of NDC and others must advise the flagbearer on sensitivity because this year’s election is deemed competitive. Therefore he needs more room to establish his message and make the voters understand the philosophy of Electoral commission.

The NDC has a reputation and integrity in governance and as the first democratic pacesetters. I ensure the Leadership of NDC to exercise caution and deal wisely by capturing all regions and its supporters, voters to understand the concept of the new registrar and give opportunities for its faithful members to go out massively to verify their names and devotion to pre-eminence attitudes on April 18, 2020 as stated by the EC. This exercise won't change anything from NDC/NPP losing rather clean Elections where every individual Ghanaian will franchise his/her vote is indispensable.


Dr. Ebenezer Ofei Agyemang, PhD

Institite for Liberty and Policy Innovation


Source: ILAPI