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COVID-19: Bureaucrats and Public Servants Enjoyed During the Lockdown while the Private Sector Cries Out for Help

Ghana was not spared from the COVID-19 crisis after the first cases were announced in March this year. Health institutions were charged to take the bull by the horn to flatten the curve to prevent the fragile health sector from collapsing. The economics and public health of the country directed the...Read more

2020-09-18 20:05:03

Investing in Gold – The Covid-19 Escape Route?

I believe we are all well and staying safe under these "abnormal" Covid-19 times! Ardent readers of my savings epistle will recall my thoughts on investment. Investing your income from my perspective comes with four main indicators that need to be considered thoroughly. For the benefit of...Read more

2020-09-15 18:05:16

Seductive Lure of Voters on Tax Cut for Private Sector Growth

In democratic elections, politicians are always looking out for what they can make capital out of for public support to win power. They make the most of what you want over what you need, redefine it and put it in the basket of populism. This is sold to the electorates as campaign messages for...Read more

2020-09-11 03:30:56

The Ashanti Kingdom’s Constraints on Gold Trading and Private Wealth

Ghana has been a gold-impregnated country for centuries. Gold made Ghana, then Gold Coast popular in Europe and led to a continuous trade in Gold for brass, salts, weapons (irons) and clothes. The huge nuggets of gold are located in Obuasi (Part of the Ashanti Kingdom) and in other towns including...Read more

2020-08-26 22:49:13

A new Airport in Cape Coast Could be a Bad Savior

Generally, poor transportation systems affect cities and urban development. The nexus between airports and economic development is important because this relationship has the ability to have large implications for the future growth of a city. This is because airport connects cities and can...Read more

2020-08-25 20:41:43