Socialism Needs a Host to Survive| Peter Bismark

Many of my colleagues are really satisfied with the unseen hand that plunder and heavily put restriction on individuals who enjoy their freedom of doing business. The huge welfare program characterize with heavy taxation makes sense because the beneficiaries have no ideas how those “free” stuffs are funded. Socialism as means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned, planned or regulated by a group of minority with so much power to decide what’s wrong and what’s not had had high failure rate. The control and planning of production is to limit and undermine your freedom to freely think and innovate to maximize returns.

Individuals spend time and money to invent and innovate and another come in to decide the rate of production of the innovation. The law takes from some persons what they have worked for, and given to other persons who do not know the toil in achieving those assets. The laws are clearly made to benefits one citizen at the expense of another. Imagine your invention and production is giving you high returns, socialism believe in the school of regulations and would make laws to determine how much should be taken from your profit without engaging you in the process. The next is to impose taxes on one product, levies on another and tariffs on the next so to keep the regulators in shape so your efforts can further be regulated when you still want to expand production and profits. Businesses and entrepreneurs always pay to maintain laws and regulatory agencies to regulate their activities. Simply, in a socialist state, businesses indirectly fund the regulation of their own production.

As more innovations flood the business environment for voluntary exchange, more the laws with complex regulatory frameworks to enhance the legalization of taking from you to sponsor the central planning of the means of exchange are staged. Every innovation is an avenue for the central planners (governments) to parasite. Governments can’t function without Laws to monopolize power and violence and to place tax premiums on your profits. The state needs a host to survive by plundering your resources. Socialism believes in more taxation over production but without production taxation is meaningless. For socialism to exist there should be a point where goods and services can be produced and supplied in abundance. Vividly, Capitalism is the productive system that precedes socialism.

The sound axiom of socialism is taxation. It is however not a concern of the taxman to find out whether these huge taxes are paid by the capitalists. The parasitic nature of socialism on capitalism is what keeps the state in shape and not the other way round. The revenue is used to maintain and protect incumbency and advancing the interest of the state.

Governments all over may intentionally create specific agencies and offices to tax specific innovations and profit. Such extractive institutions operate on budgets. You are legally, directly or indirectly plundered to support the budget. That’s how the state survives on your income and innovation. There are a number of state-plundered-innovation programmes aimed at taking from your pocket and savings. The business of the socialist is to take from the business of the capitalists. Applauding the government for giving you monthly stipends is like clapping for the ATM machine because it gives you your money.

Taxing businesses and entrepreneurs out of business because of innovation and high income create poverty. No country had ever been prosperous for taxing businesses. When businesses collapse the state and socialism would equally wither away. It is important to protect free men and their properties not to tax them for becoming prosperous.



Peter Bismark



Source: ILAPI