NPP Government Never Abolished Taxes | Peter Bismark

Every business man would be happy to enjoy tax cut on his products to maximize profit. The New Patriotic Party in its 2016 promised to abolish a list of taxes described as “nuisance taxes&am

AfCTA will only benefit big businesses if Governments don’t reform domestic economic policies | Prof. Brian Baugus

An Associate Professor at the Regent University, Virginia, US, Prof Brian Baugus, has posited that the African Continental Free Trade Area’s (AfCFTA) is a good policy with long term benefits

Blueprint to Ghana's Economy | Peter Bismark

The increase in Ghana’s public debt stock has nearly doubled from 36.9% of GDP at the end of 2009 to GH? 119.9 Billion (71.9% of GDP) in November 2016.

Why Capital Needs Entrepreneurs | Antony P. Mueller

The productivity theory of capital dominates the popular view and public discussions. It presumes that capital generates the yield like a tree begets its fruits.

Fiscal Discipline and Fiscal Council, More Borrowing or Less Expenditure? - ILAPI

The striving for macroeconomic stability to fostering consistent economic growth and development has been the major anteriority of this current New Patriotic party (NPP) government.  Massive

Bank Consolidation is not Enough, Competition on Interest Rates is Key | Peter Bismark

Ghana’s banking sector suffered huge setbacks leading to the collapse of 7 Banks between 2017 and 2018 financial years. The Bank failures were attributed to poor corporate governance, week r

Banks In Ghana Need to compete Not To Merge

The recent Bank of Ghana’s (BOG) Policy to merge banks have been influenced mainly by the increase in capitalization. This is due to the increment of Bank of Ghana’s minimum capita

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