Russian Penetration into Africa is easy, even without Aid | Peter Bismark

Economic diversification and diplomatic cooperation are key in globalisation, especially when a country is vulnerable to international sanctions. Russia has faced lots of sanctions from the US and Eur

IS Fighters may be Leaving Syria for Africa, PSC of AU must Act | Peter Bismark

Defeating ISIS/IS in Syria and some parts of Iraq brings into the discussion the influx of cache of ammunition and hardened fighters to Africa. This could be a serious security threat to Africa should

KNUST unrest, a violation of Claim Right – Peter Bismark

The rights of every individual are perceived to be inherent and inalienable. Yes, that’s true because by virtue of ones humanity, there are equal rights for everyone.

Human Rights is 70 Years, Where is CHRAJ and Parliament? – ILAPI

Following the Second World War, where millions of people lost their lives and horrified by the devastation, members of the United Nations (UN) took a pledge to take immediate measures, never to repeat

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