CAL salutes Ghana's gallant farmers

Gold did not make anybody rich Pre-independence. We had a very few people who had a bit of gold here and there.

The Poor Produce the Golden Bean, the Irony of Ghana’s Cocoa Sector | ILAPI

Cocoa, a cash crop referred to in this article as the golden bean because of its enormous benefits is produced in Eastern, Western, Ashanti and other parts of Ghana. Historically, it is believed that

New Year Message From Center For Agro Liberty (CAL) to All Farmers

Cal writes to awesomely welcome all our gallant Farmers to 2019, the year of our Lord. You and I are in 2019 by His Grace and nothing else.

Season Greetings to our Gallant Farmers - ILAPI

Today marks another milestone in the annual celebration of our farmers, since 1985 after the devastating and poor harvest of crops in 1982 and 1983 crop seasons.Farmers Day was instituted in 1985 by t

Ghana to lose position on World cocoa league - CAL

Government has on Monday, November 19 2018, commenced engagements with cocoa farmers across the country seeking to strengthen interaction with the Cocoa Sector.

The engagements began in Koforidua,

Farmers should fix cocoa price not gov’t - CAL

The Centre For Agro Liberty (CAL), a policy research organisation, is calling for a review of the pricing of cocoa so that farmers can determine their own price for the cash crop.

The Minister of A

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