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Apply: 2020 African Journalists For Economic Opportunity Training - AJEOT

The role of journalism in free society is important to create and sustain freedom to trade and create wealth for prosperity. Democratically, Freedom of the press is enshrined in nearly all constitutional governments and that journalists as the 4th arm of government have had the difficulties to...Read more

2020-08-04 16:54:39

Petty challenges encountered by Start-ups in Ghana | Emma. Bimpong

A business refers to the general efforts and activities of individuals to produce and sell goods and services for profit. Businesses range from a sole proprietorship to an international corporation. The main objective of a business is to make profit and create wealth which, often faced with various...Read more

2020-07-31 19:48:48

The Shift of Consumer Behavior in the Pandemic

The conventional statement in the past weeks had been “We are not in normal times because of COVID-19”. It looks everyday is a normal day to do business except the pandemic had only come to disrupt economic activities of consumers. Prior to the first recorded case on 12th March 2020,...Read more

2020-07-28 22:09:39

The Market Naturally brought Down the Prices on PPE's in the COVID-19 Pandemic

When Ghana recorded its first Covid-19 case in the Mid-March of 2020, fear and panic was everywhere. There was panic buying for essential commodities for the fear of a possible total lockdown. Prices on health related items experienced multiple spikes and volatility in the market. The novel...Read more

2020-07-28 21:15:35

We must change our political system before it is too late.

The events of the past couple of months with a world-wide economic lockdown and strict rules of social distancing have alerted many people that tyranny is in the making. Democracy by vote does not protect against suppression. Could a digital democracy where the representatives of the people are...Read more

2020-07-24 00:18:54