A Lockdown in Ghana: A Dicey Decision to Take | Haruna Yakubu

The world is witnessing a pandemic, which is threatening the human race without discrimination. It knows not the rich, poor, scientists, religious leaders, young, old nor destitute.

Ghanaian Businesses are collapsing but no one is reporting| ILAPI

Economic contraction resulting in business closure and job lost are inevitable in the business landscape. In Ghana’s case, the challenges of the financial sector led to the collapse of 9 ban

Socialism Needs a Host to Survive| Peter Bismark

Many of my colleagues are really satisfied with the unseen hand that plunder and heavily put restriction on individuals who enjoy their freedom of doing business. The huge welfare program characterize

Socialism is a Poverty-driven system with More Laws Less Production | Peter Bismark

Socialism still remains popular despite its long track record of failure. Poverty and oppression are basic features of socialism.

Scrutinise Public Policies of Governments and Regional Bodies for Prosperity

Mr Peter Bismark Kwofie, President of the Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation (ILAPI), Ghana has appealed to journalists to analyse policies governments and Regional bodies put across to ensur

AFCTA is Key to Africa's Prosperity | Peter Dadzie

The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) is a decision of the Assembly of Heads of African States and Governments to boost Intra-Africa Trade by integrating Africa’s markets with the

The realities and myths of press freedom in Ghana | Peter Dadzie

According to the 1992 constitution, the media is the fourth estate of the realm and they have been given freedom as enshrined in the constitution as press freedom to fully operate without censorship a

Open Letter to the President of Ghana |

Dear Mr President, I extend my warm regards. I believe you are faring well as you lead this great nation of ours.

I am a Libertarian Because I Respect Individual Sovereignty | Peter Bismark

The view that each person has the right to live his life in any way he pleases so long as equal rights are respected for happier and prosperous society is one of the principles of Libertarianism. Righ

Gov’t supporting businesses is a political reward for party supporters - US Economist

An Associate Professor at the Regent University, Virginia, US, Prof Brian Baugus, has suggested the decision by government to support businesses is only an avenue to reward party supporters. The renow

Spell Politics if you Cannot Spell Hypocrisy and Focus on Political Party Vigilante Groups | Nat. Dwamena

My heart felt condolences for all who have died or injured through the activities of vigilantism in Ghana. Vigilante groups in Ghana have gained recognition, funding and support because their activiti

Not Another Drop, Justice is Becoming a Discriminatory Delicacy - Soale Abdul-Nasah

There is always that last straw that breaks the camel’s back, and for Ghana’s "sick" criminal justice system, Ahmed Hussein's gruesome murder might be tha

Violence against the media is Violence Against Liberty | Peter Bismark

Silencing journalists means preventing the driving force of information and voices of the many to defend and promote liberty or those who might be tempted to defend democracy in future. It is only jou

Liberty Has a New Champion on the Federal Bench

Don Willett first rose to fame as a libertarian-leaning Texas Supreme Court justice who penned constitutional defenses of economic freedom. Since joining the U.S.

Recapitalization of banks and its impact on the economy of Ghana

On 11/09/2017, the Bank of Ghana notified banks and the general public with the Notice No. BG/GOV/SEC/2017/19 about its decision to review upwards the minimum paid-up capital requirement from 120 mill

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