Doing Business in Ghana: Three things Affecting Business operations | ILAPI

A widely accepted principle that had spurred the growth of businesses and entrepreneurship development is having a competitive economic environment that accommodates and reward efforts to jobs and wea

Using GH100 million to support young entrepreneurs, spurious - ILAPI Boss

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President of policy think tank Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation (ILAPI), Peter Bismark Kwofie says the use of GHc100 million for capacity building for entr

What is the problem, if Ghana beyond aid is the solution? - Marricke Gane

Interest payment on loans alone is having enough toll on Ghana’s economy. More debt is synonymous to more interest payment.

Unit Committee Members Deserve Monthly Stipends - ILAPI

There was 1,058 Electoral Areas in the Ashanti Region alone. If there are 4 Unit Committee Members (UCM) in each electoral area, we will have 4,232 members.

The Magical Number of Jobs Created by Successive Governments in Ghana - ILAPI

Job creation has become a major concern for successive governments. Almost every government's priority is to seeing that the youth are employed.

$259 Million Tax Exemptions for AGA is a Misguide - Part 2 | AK Mensah

On the "Stabilisation agreement with AngloGoldAshanti (AGA), where AGA, a foreign based mining company in Ghana is granted total tax exemption worth $259 million (includes $40 million waiver

$259 Million Tax Exemptions for AGA is a Misguide - Part 1 | AK Mensah

Per the latest Stabilisation agreement with AngloGoldAshanti (AGA), AG will over the next 10 years, REPORTEDLY enjoy a $40 million waiver on royalties. A $2 million in income tax exemption, $56 millio

Free Markets Increase Trust Among People | Marian L. Tupy

Competition is an essential part of a capitalist economy. It drives businesses to innovate and to provide consumers with cheaper and better products.

Privatisation of Pension Schemes in Ghana

The Institute for Liberty & Policy Innovation (ILAPIL-Ghana) has asked the Government of Ghana to privatise all pension schemes including the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNI

Our zero moral based laws cannot stop galamsey

Mr. Bismark Peter Kwofie, President, Institute for Liberty And Policy Innovation (ILAPI), says only a well thought out moral imperative strategy that makes illegal mining unattractive can halt the mar

Politicians Recruiting Criminal Informants into the Security Services

The Executive Director for policy think tank, Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation (ILAPI-Ghana), Peter Bismark, has linked the spate of robbery attacks in recent times to some four major facto

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