Releasing GH 30 million for the Initial Cost of NABCO is Worrying - ILAPI

The Nation Builder's Corps (NABCO) with 7 employment modules has received GH 30 Million out of the allocated GH 600 milion for the program in the 2017 budget to help reduce graduate unemployme

East Africa is growing economically, West Africa is stagnating - Lord Adusei

A new, wise and dynamic leader has appeared in East Africa. He is the 42 year old Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali.

ILAPI Disagrees with Finance Minister on Cedi Depreciation

According to the finance Minister, the poor performance of the Ghana cedi is due to external factors of which he did not mention any. This means the depreciation of the cedi as compared to other curre

Ghana’s total debt stock hits GH¢154 billion

The country’s total debt stock has reached GH¢154 billion May ending, according to a provisional data from the Bank of Ghana.  

The provisional data shows that

AJEOT 2018 - Not Your Usual Free Food, Big Selfie Stick Kinda Forum | Belinder Odek

African Free Market Think Tanks, other than fattening your participants and talented speakers, and giving them an opportunity to take epic photos next to the guy/ lady adorning the latest fashion desi

ILAPI'S AJEOT 2018 Picks Rainbow Radio's Rashid Obodai's Business Pitch as best

Rainbow Radio’s Rashid Obodai Provencal has won the 2018 Business Pitch at the second edition of the African Journalists for Economic Opportunities (AJOET). He was adjudged the overall best

Decline of Livestock Contribution to GDP, a Threat to Protein Needs of Ghanaians - Haruna Yakubu

Livestock is vital to the economies of many developing countries. Livestock is a major contributor to the daily protein source of man coming from animal source.

Keep Your Faith, not all Sin Mean Crime - Nathaniel Dwamena

When you act wrongly against the will of a deity or God, it becomes a sinful act. What is sinful is a demand on the dogmatic principles that one adheres to in his religion.

The Meaning of Bond to the Ordinary Ghanaian - ILAPI

We hear financial analysts, economists and media houses mentioning Bonds in their submissions and analyses. Almost everyday someone may come across the word ‘bond’ either from the

The President got Angry Over US Millitary Agreement With Opposition - Opinion

The decision by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, to address the nation on the controversial Ghana and US Defence Cooperation agreement was a great and commendable one. It was the expectation of

I am a Libertarian Because I Respect Individual Sovereignty - Peter Bismark

The view that each person has the right to live his life in any way he pleases so long as equal rights are respected for happier and prosperous society is one of the principles of Libertarianism. Righ

Politics of parasitism - Albert Mensah

What leaders need to do is to redefine our ways and we need to see the matter at hand now as exigent and tackle it head-on. Leaders (politicians) cannot continue to sleep in big cars and live extravag

ILAPI Wins Africa Think Tank Shark Tank Award in South Africa

The Institute for Liberty & Policy Innovation (ILAPI- Ghana), a Ghanaian based free market and policy Think Tank emerged the winner of the 2017 Think Tank Shark Tank – Africa Competi

Top Candidates of YAFO Presidential Debate Win Election at KNUST - Ghana

The Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation's (ILAPI) flagship organization, Young Africans for Opportunities (YAFO) that focuses on linking young people with opportunities across the glob

Interim Solution to Solve the Problem in our Legal Education is Wrong

The Legislative Instrument 2355 which has been passed into law by Parliament only gives an interim solution to the problem of getting resources to man professional law training and equal and fair chan

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