NPP's Big Government can't Survive on Tax Cut - ILAPI

Do you pay taxes voluntarily?  Or if you are not able to honor your tax obligations, what will happen to you? Or do you pay because you are forced to do so?

Importation is not a Demon to the Economy of Ghana but the Goods Imported - Haruna Yakubu

The world indeed has become a global village where no nation can survive in isolation without the interdependence of other nations close to its boundaries or far away its shores. According to the UN p

Free Trade in Africa will Enhance Business Innovation - Peter Bismark

African leaders have launched the long awaited Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA) in Kigali, the capital of Rhwanda as part of African Union’s flagship programs of agenda 2030. This is one o

Privatisation of Pension Schemes in Ghana

The Institute for Liberty & Policy Innovation (ILAPIL-Ghana) has asked the Government of Ghana to privatise all pension schemes including the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNI

Our zero moral based laws cannot stop galamsey

Mr. Bismark Peter Kwofie, President, Institute for Liberty And Policy Innovation (ILAPI), says only a well thought out moral imperative strategy that makes illegal mining unattractive can halt the mar

Politicians Recruiting Criminal Informants into the Security Services

The Executive Director for policy think tank, Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation (ILAPI-Ghana), Peter Bismark, has linked the spate of robbery attacks in recent times to some four major facto

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