African Journalists for Economic Opportunity Training

AJOET is more than the usual Trainings. It equip journalists, writers, social commentators without party affiliations and young researchers with the skill to analyze government policies that stifle innovation and prosperity. It is good for journalists and writers to learn and create opportunities through democratic and economic principles to help shape public policy discourse, and question the status quo for a free and prosperous society. Given that Journalists are the 4th arm of government with the voice for the voiceless in our democratic society, they always engage policymakers on issues on economics, politics, social policies and security and that journalists must have control over what they put out for public consumption.

We believe that Politics cannot operate devoid of the laws of economics, and good intentions cannot bring good results from bad methods. The laws of economics determine good and bad methods and that Knowledge of basic economics is essential for a responsible reportage for a free society. Economic knowledge builds immunity to political lies and this training seeks to increase knowledge on economics, public policies and opportunities.  It an annual project of ILAPI with selected journalists, writers, social commentators, young researchers and members of free market think tanks. Admitted participants spend 4 days in Ghana with professors, experience journalists and writers, CEOs of Think Tanks and economists and other facilitators.