Democracy and Governance

A productive and prosperous society is based on functional and effective state institutions. Development is an integral part of democracy and governance to promoting economic sustainability, equality, citizenry participation, building concensus, rule of law and accountability to induce growth. Good Governance is a hard thing to ever measure and defining what governance is can be challenging, since different perspectives exist on what variables should be used and the kind of ideologies behind it. It goes beyond effective and efficient structures or institutions which provide the best support to citizens for a prosperous society.  Good governance and contemporary political leadership could mean a lot to seeing to the welfare of the citizenry. Democratization of a society will spur institutional reform and improved governance. The principles of democracy, good governance and the tenets of economic freedom are likely to generate political stability, peace, effectiveness and quality of life when they are efficiently applied to market (economic) ideas. Once there's the State, it must play it role efficiently with a limitation.