Politics of parasitism - Albert Mensah

What leaders need to do is to redefine our ways and we need to see the matter at hand now as exigent and tackle it head-on. Leaders (politicians) cannot continue to sleep in big cars and live extravagant lives with the tax payers’ money, when the very down people are going to bed hungry. We cannot continue to pay ministers millions of cash and give them everything free because they chose to serve the nation, when the very people they represent are miserable. Presidents, ministers, members of parliaments cannot be so rich and continue to take home ex-gratia, when graduates are coming out of school and not getting jobs. When our hospitals are so ill-equipped. When our roads are so bad.

When there are still some schools under trees. When there are kids who walk several miles and kilometers to school. When floods are still killing us. When our cities are engulfed in filths and “borla”. When there are countless living in slums. When many cities and villages do not have access to safe water. When the girl child cannot afford a common pad. When we got energy crisis. When our agriculture is still rain fed. When malaria continues to kill us, among all heinous sorts of tropical diseases. When we cannot feed our people.

Individuals in government, steal state's resources and deprive the masses the benefits due them! Mass looting, greed, selfishness and wickedness engulfing individuals in state's institutions stealing like no one's business! They then give a tap on their shoulders saying, chanting and cladding themselves in joy "it is Abban's own!" It belongs to the government, it belongs to no one, let's steal, let's destroy it! Like how people treat Common Pool Resources! The consequent repercussion is a sorry state with so much inequalities breeding abject poverty, sorriness and extreme sadness anthropologically created by our own attitudes and ways of life. That creates inequalities, that creates injustices, that does not create equity, that does not create fairness, that breeds ground for unnecessary competitions, that creates room for bribe taking, that creates room for corruption, that creates armed robbery, that creates insurgency, that creates insecurity, that breeds wars and conflicts, that creates refugee crisis, that creates brain drain, that indeed does not create a better society, and indeed, any constitution that supports things like these is a questionable one. Politics of greed; Politics of selfishness; Politics of tribalism and ethnicity; Politics of bad and irresponsible followership; Politics of lack of nation lovers, less patriotic citizens and nation breakers; Politics of citizens with bad attitudes; Politics of bad leadership; Politics of lack of political will to prosecute victims of corrupt practices and people; Politics of lack of transparency, good governance and accountability to the people; Politics of citizens' less access to right to information; Politics of the belly; Politics of cronyism; Politics of it is our time to chop mentality. Our greatest banes!