Peace and Security

The primary function of every government is to provide security from violence. Individuals would prosper where there is peace and harmony for business men to do business. The center for Peace and Security is to research into civil conflict, democratic deficits, political instability and provide consultations to help promote freedom of doing business and liberty for all. The porous borders and border conflicts among nations disturbs economic activities. A severe threats to the peace and security of the society deteriorate economic freedom and prosperity. The most important thing to do prevent humans from suffering and the massive economic costs of conflicts and their aftermath is to prevent conflicts in the first place. Total Peace and stability are of great importance in promoting economic development  and growth of individuals and society at large. Peace is a prerequisite to achieving sustainable economic growth. Violence not only claims lives, but also unravels the very fabric of society, leaving Banks, worship places,markets, schools and hospitals destroyed and a devastated population suffering the  economical, physical and psychological emotions. Without peace there can never be economic freedom in doing business and we hold in high esteem the importance of security because a community or country plagued by torture, larceny and exploitation undermines investment and viable development.

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