coup d’état of Ghana's education? Politicians must think of Better Reforms | Asante Ebenezer

A coup d’etat, also known as an overthrow, or simply as a coup, is an illegal and overt seizure of a state by the military or other elites within the state apparatus and subsequently throwing away the liberal constitution . Bringing you up to speed, Education in Ghana was mainly informal, and based on apprenticeship before the arrival of European settlers, who introduced formal education system because the economy of the pre-Colonial Gold Coast was mainly dependent on subsistence farming where farm produce were shared within households and members of each household specialized in providing their household with other necessities such as cooking utilities, shelter, home, clothing and furniture. Trade with other households was therefore practiced on a very small scale. This has made economic activities in pre-colonial Gold Coast a family institution/customs; family owned and family controlled. As such, there was no need for employment outside the household which have otherwise called for discipline(s), value(s) and skill(s) through formal education system.

Fast forward, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah led Ghana into rapid industrialization which needed a more formal education and lesser emphasis on agricultural and other subsistence economic activities in Ghana hence the introduction of formal education by our colonial masters.

Formal Education/learning refers to what takes place in the education and training system of a country. It is official, structured, organized by public organizations or recognized private institution and results with formal certification and formal level of qualification which is recognized by relevant national education authorities.

   Interestingly, the above explanation of formal education involves the training of the mind, that is how to think critically and again how to behave and all these trainings has been handed to the teacher to undertake. The teacher with this task at hand has to vary his tactics in achieving and again having control of the students.

Allowing politicians to take over our educational system with force and dictating for us is a coup d’état because the educational system is already laid clear. Stopping the classroom managers from doing their job by preventing them to have the needed logistics and on top of it calling them criminals, demoralizes them, does not encourage them to work hard in shaping the future leaders. In as much as we want our children to enjoy their civil rights and therefore forbidding teachers to correct pupils, we must not forget that we are spoiling the Ghanaian child by sparing them the rod. Before, pupils/children respected and behaved themselves very well and again took their academic works very seriously because there was discipline in our schools and pupils feared authority. Recently, politicians have taken over our education with power and force hence bringing in new ideas which in turn makes our education so poorer and much more diluted without thinking about the country’s future but rather what would make them popular politically. Pupils now do not study at home, pay attention in class, don’t work on their assignments etc all because politicians have promised them that no teacher ought to beat them under their watch and it is heart aching because the future is dark for the nation. No wonder we have a lot of social vices all around us. But remember culture is relative.

There could have been a plethora of options to make our education better as you claim to make it than to steal the power from the classroom managers and control the classroom with treats from you offices. Teachers should rather be supported in all their doings in order to give their maximum best in training these future leaders.

Building proper and good infrastructures (buildings) should rather be the agenda and planning the way forward for a proper training of our children should be the things giving us sleepless nights and not these reforms of not canning and or punishing kids. Politicians set these rules and make it work to destroy us whiles they send their children outside the country for a well structured educational system which gives their wards better tuition and enhance their critical thinking. It is the right of every Ghanaian child to have better and proper education and under a sound and good condition.

Proper and better logistics should be provided to lift our education. Schools are without electricity and computers but politicians wants teachers to teach ICT whiles they spend billions to buy cars and sponsor their girlfriends. Provide us with well built and well furnished science laboratories and stop calling us criminals for nothing, after all, it is you the politician who is a criminal because you are stealing tax payers money to make yourselves better.

Proper working conditions are what teachers want to give them the edge to work hard. Other sectors are provided with allowance to motivate them but what do teachers at the basic school get to motivate them? They deserve better than the ‘CRIMINALS’ tag.

Politicians should stop appointing people to key positions, blocking their evil plans from flowing from them to the ordinary citizen. Also, national agenda for our education should be put down for us to follow for us to bridge the gap with our European counterparts.

Ghana’s education is under threat because of political coup d’etat and monopoly.



Asante Ebenezer


Source: ILAPI