Professional and Entrepreneurship Development - PED

The purpose of our professional and entrepreneurship development program is to help students and ambitious entrepreneurs advance from start-up to effective, efficient, and to be more sustainable. ILAPI's free enterprise Principles and Practices for Excellence is the foundation of our PED program and covers core principles for economic development, technology, innovation and job creation followed by a series of broadly accepted practices. We support our Principles and Practices framework through a broad array of implementation resources including on-line and self-help tools, phone and email technical assistance and consultation, training and educational opportunities, conferences, and more. Our Online and in-person certification entrepreneurship training for students, workers, tutors and the general public builds capacity, enhance innovation, creative fundraising, book keeping, professionalism and means of doing business. The course is designed to meet the demand of ambitiuos and those in self-employed ventures or wants to start all over or of dormant businesses. The New Entrepreneur Training (NET) is starting soon. Enroll now! Email us for more enquries: