You Are Only A Caretaker Of Our Natural Resources : ILAPI Tells Government

“It is estimated that Africa holds 40% of the world’s hydro-electric power supply potential, the bulk of the world’s diamonds and chromium, 30% of uranium, 50% of the wor

Economic Freedom and Property Right

The Center for Economic Freedom seeks to find ways to research and provide alternative policies to liberate countries and individuals from poverty through trade and property right. Free trade means fi

Local government and chieftaincy Affairs

The Constitution of Ghana prevent Chiefs from interfering in political affairs yet no law prevent politicians from influencing chieftancy. This gab has existed and still existing, making traditional d

Peace and Security

The primary function of every government is to provide security from violence. Individuals would prosper where there is peace and harmony for business men to do business.

Center for Natural Resource Management

The environment contains the living and non-living and their interactions have to yield a positive economic outcome for a free and prosperous society. With physical and human capital, environmental re

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