The Fulani menace and Farming in Northern Ghana; A limitation of the ECOWAS protocol on free movement

The original occupation of the people of northern Ghana is farming. However, little increment in food production has been witnessed in the region for the past decades. Amongst the ch

The love for PhD in Ghana and the uneasiness of its acquisition - Haruna Yakubu

It is a non-negotiable fact that universities are centered on research and teaching, and therefore a well equipped faculty of knowledgeable PhD researchers is a component of the larger environment whi

Ghana Government Being Proactive with Access to Portable Water? - Opinion

Water is undoubtedly the most precious resource on earth. Water is life, but the value of water is more of a paradox as compared to precious metals like Gold.

The State Must Set The Rules and Leave Us To Prosper - Peter Bismark

The need for the State to leave the citizenry to operate freely to amass wealth hasn’t been a priority of many economics and political pundits. The state must make way for its citizens to bu

Interim Solution to Solve the Problem in our Legal Education is Wrong

The Legislative Instrument 2355 which has been passed into law by Parliament only gives an interim solution to the problem of getting resources to man professional law training and equal and fair chan

Religious Immorality on the Rise

To start my ranting, I will first treat you to these figures from the 2010 Population Census, specifically on Religion. According to the census, these were the percentages; No Religion 5.3, Catholic 1

Petition to the Inspector General of Police

The Inspector-General of Police Ghana Police Service National Headquarters, Accra.  

Dear Sir,


We w

Reduction on Electricity Tariffs should have a Focus

I am happy the president has spoken emotionally well at the independence parade. Prior to the celebration of Ghana @61, Government of Ghana (GOG) reduced electricity tariffs on electricity consumption

Banks In Ghana Need to compete Not To Merge - Peter Bismark

The recent Bank of Ghana’s (BOG) Policy to merge banks have been influenced mainly by the increase in capitalization. This is due to the increment of Bank of Ghana’s minimum capita

MY First Semester Experience at My University In Hungary

If you are reading this in the morning I say Jó reggelt (Good morning), if it's in the afternoon, I extend the greetings Jó napot and if it's in the evening, I re

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