Decline of Livestock Contribution to GDP, a Threat to Protein Needs of Ghanaians - Haruna Yakubu

Livestock is vital to the economies of many developing countries. Livestock is a major contributor to the daily protein source of man coming from animal source.


Making Accra the Cleanliness City, the Role of Business and the People - Ato Kwamina

The city of Accra has become undoubtedly a convincing place for living and doing business. The number of businesses located in the city has boast of Banks, Offices, Restaurants, Clubs, and other places of entertainment.


The Magical Number of Jobs Created by Successive Governments in Ghana - ILAPI

Job creation has become a major concern for successive governments. Almost every governments' priority is to seeing that the youth are employed.


Importation is not a Demon to the Economy of Ghana but the Goods Imported - Haruna Yakubu

The world indeed has become a global village where no nation can survive in isolation without the interdependence of other nations close to its boundaries or far away its shores. According to the UN population statistics in 2011, world population was projected to reach 7.6 billion in 2018.


The Meaning of Bond to the Ordinary Ghanaian - ILAPI

We hear financial analysts, economists and media houses mentioning Bonds in their submissions and analyses. Almost everyday someone may come across the word ‘bond’ either from the newspapers, radio or television programs.


Politics of parasitism - Albert Mensah

What leaders need to do is to redefine our ways and we need to see the matter at hand now as exigent and tackle it head-on. Leaders (politicians) cannot continue to sleep in big cars and live extravagant lives with the tax payers’ money, when the very down people are going to bed hungry.