$259 Million Tax Exemptions for AGA is a Misguide | AK Mensah

In the "Stabilisation agreement with AngloGoldAshanti (AGA), where AGA, a foreign based mining company in Ghana is granted total tax exemption worth $259 million (includes $40 million waiver on royalties, $2 million in income tax exemption, $56 million in capital allowances due in 2020 and 2021 and import duty exemption of $161 million)".

My argument here is that these tax exemptions will benefit the mining company to expand their profit base but will rather breed and deepen


Ghana’s Economic Imperative, Why Ghana must have a comprehensive Asian Policy | Lord Adusei

This essay is in two parts. The first part looks at the rise of Asia as economic power.


Importation is not the Demon to Ghana’s Economy but the Goods Imported - Haruna Yakubu

The world indeed has become a global village where no nation can survive in isolation without the interdependence of other nations close to its boundaries or far away its shores. According to the UN population statistics in 2011, world population was projected to reach 7.6 billion in 2018.


Students Failure at the SHS is a Sign of Poor Education System - Peter Bismark

Everyone is shell-shock at any time of the release of West African Examination Council’s (WAEC) Senior High School results. Over the years, students who sit for WAEC examinations of more than 280,000 registered candidates usually do have poor performances of the outcome.


Top Candidates of YAFO Presidential Debate Win Election at KNUST - Ghana

The Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation's (ILAPI) flagship organization, Young Africans for Opportunities (YAFO) that focuses on linking young people with opportunities across the globe for a more peaceful, freer, and prosperous future for all by building good relationships with numerous institutions and free market think tanks in Africa and the world at large in order to foster and develop potentials to create a niche of prosperity through the ideas of free enterprise and proper


Interim Solution to Solve the Problem in our Legal Education is Wrong

The Legislative Instrument 2355 which has been passed into law by Parliament only gives an interim solution to the problem of getting resources to man professional law training and equal and fair chance to all applicants. More so, the controversy between students of law and Ghana Legal Council is not peculiar to the law profession alone, rather the solution should be given a holistic view to encompass other professions like medical doctors and chattered Accountants etc.